Why I hate hearing a man say “I understand,” when I say, “I’m PMS-ing”: Because you will never feel suicidal for no reason (barring obviously actual mental problems). You will never be the happy cheerful girl I usually am and wake up a couple days a month wanting to kill yourself and everyone around you, […]

For Karina

A moment is like a mountain. Isn’t this how we live, some moments growing out of the earth like so much heavy rock, others slipping away with the tide. My name on your lips is a cliffside covered in Cape Sebastian daisies.

Consolation Cookies

Having successfully convinced myself that every sentence I’ve produced today is crap and not worth the word document it’s saved on, I took an hour break to bake cookies. God’s cookies. Cookies only Jesus deserves to eat. And I dipped them in my almond milk and ate them for dinner. So in the end, I’m […]