Hello ladies.

Just, control yourselves.
Don’t dress like a slut, which means wearing clothing in public.
Don’t drink too much, which means any drink at all because someone could be drugging you at any time. And even if they’re not, your intoxication level can still be used against you.
Don’t talk to could-be predators, which means never speaking to anyone again.
Don’t put yourself in dangerous situations, such as leaving your house, or being at home alone.
Don’t go to new places alone, which means you cannot travel because at some point you will be alone, and then whatever happens will necessarily be your fault, won’t it?
Don’t wear too much makeup, which means any makeup at all because you’re asking for it.
Don’t wear high heels, because you may have to run, and if you can’t run, dammit, whose fault is that?
Don’t wear clothes that would be easy for someone to take off you, which means there is no clothing that you’ll be safe in.
Don’t do drugs.
Don’t wear a dress.
Don’t do your hair.
Wearing perfume is asking for it.
Don’t talk so softly, it’s seductive. Oh no, don’t be so shrill, someone might get angry and want to take it out on you.
Don’t dance like that.
Don’t dance like that, either.
Don’t walk that way.
Always carry your keys in your hands when you walk alone.
Don’t walk alone.
Don’t listen to headphones when you’re walking; you won’t be able to hear someone approaching you.
They make pepper spray in all sizes now.
Always unlock only your driver’s side door, not the whole car.
Oh, but don’t drive alone.
Don’t smile so wide.
Oh, but don’t not smile.
Smile, you’re pretty.


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