The Next Time You Leave Someone

I have some advice for you for the next time you leave someone, whether you do it quietly again, or loudly. I am sure it will happen again.


A woman is not a mountain to climb, or a rowboat to slide into and out of and leave behind on the shore.

A woman is not a shot of whiskey or a cup of tea. A woman is not food although you search for sustenance.

A woman is no less a whole thing than you are, and when you consider the whole thing of yourself, when you remember the way you have been hurt before, you should be able to see (shouldn’t you) that she is also capable of that pain.

A woman who will love you is a fool but she is also strong. Don’t discredit her.

A woman who will love you has probably not been hurt in the way that you will hurt her. Otherwise, she would not have loved you so hard.

A woman who will not love you as hard has been hurt before. It is not a fault of character. It is self-preservation. The walls she owns have been built by the pain you would have inflicted, the mortar of nights alone.


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